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Bad sleeping habits?

This ones not about the time i sleep but about a few other things.
Don’t know if anyone else have this, but i have pretty bad sleeping habits ( i move a lot when i’m asleep or close to been asleep ) sometimes i would wake up and find my self sleeping in the opposite way then when i fell sleep ( like my feet would be around the pillow while my head is on the other side of the bed )
Right now it’s not that big of a problem because i only like 15 and i sleep by my self.
Any help or tips?,be practical please, i can’t tie my self to my bed or do anything that radical



First I would try the obvious. Make sure your sleep area promotes sleep as much as possible:
Good pillow: these need to be replaced every year or so
Good mattress
Dark room
No caffeine before bed
No sugars before bed
Clean bed sheets, etc.
Established routine: do the same thing every night before you go to bed. Like brush teeth, wash face, etc. A routine signals to your brain that you are ready for sleep.
Don’t do anything in your bed except sleep and the other obvious thing. Studies have shown that if you take things like work or homework to your bedroom and work on your bed, then that kind of messes up the whole vibe. The idea is that when you go to bed, your brain says you’re ready to sleep, not work or anything else.
The restlessness you are having tells me that you’re not sleeping very well. If the above doesn’t help and it still bothers you, talk to a doctor about it. You may need some sort of therapy or evaluation at a sleep clinic to determine your needs.
Most of all, don’t let it bother you if you can. It’s usually a phase that eventually passes. I used to wake up in all kinds of weird positions that I didn’t start out in, and now I stay in the same spot pretty much all night.


well how you completley turn yourself around is quite amazing although i have sleeping problems in the sense i only sleep 2-3 hours a night because im highly overactive but i got some pills that seem to help so maybe go see your family doctor


Maybe you’re finding a better spot to sleep in while you’re asleep. Try rearranging your room and put the head of your bed in a different part of the room and see if that helps.