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Bad PMS mostly mood swings week of and before my period ?

I seem to be really emotional and extremely annoyed by most people these 2 weeks. I tried Yaz, which worked, BUT took away my sex drive and made me feel numb after a year of use. I used to skip my period and only get it every 2-3 months. That kind of worked, but than threw my cycle off. Since I have switched back to my old birthcontrol Estrostep sex has been great and so has our relationship. EXCEPT that week or so he wants to stay away from me. I tend to let out everything on him and have no self control on what I say!? HELP?!



Get to a doctor and get diagnosed.
I was involved with a woman for five years who sounds like you to a T. Notice I wrote involved.
She didn’t get diagnosed until after I split. No sane man will put up with “the crazy”.


Hmm, maybe your hormone levels are taking you for a ride, try so mood stabilisers to calm you down, or try something herbal, I dont like tablets but speak to your pharmisist… Camomilie tea?
It hard that week before but remeber that your reactions are a choice, and you must learn to think and control your mind before you last out at him and speak.
God Bless and I hope you get it right!
God Bless!


try changing birth controls and tell your doctor about this, maybe they have something for that


dont take it all out on him it makes em feel bad…just tell him “honey im sorry i didnt mean that im just in those days…”


I have tried mood stabilizers and they work great. I also have tried an antidepressant but be careful there because they can diminish the sex drive. If that starts to happen you can speak to your DR about switching your meds to a different one. I know that PMS can be a difficult thing to live with, but you both have to keep in mind that it is not you being yourself. Have you tried biofeedback or counseling? I know it sounds impossible but destressing your life at those times helps a bunch if possible. (Like a woman in todays society can ever do that LOL) Another thing you can try is couples therapy where you can work on your communication and coping skills. It cant hurt it will only bring you closer.


Could you have PMDD?


You could possibly have PMDD, which is a very severe type of PMS… more like PMS times a million. It’s not just “bad pms”.
I had a severe case of PPD(postpartum depression) after my daughter was born, and soon after being dx’d with the PPD I was dx’d with PMDD. I was on so many meds for the PPD, however, NONE of those meds touched the PMDD, not in my case. It was a nightmare of a time. I was suicidal every month.
I take Yaz for it, started it back in October. I’m really sorry that you didn’t have a good experience with it. It is proven to help women with PMDD. My suggestion is to talk to your gyn about what you are experiencing with your symptoms.
Here is an article about my personal experience…