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Bad period cramps Success on birth control?

I get a terrible period, heavy with not a break from cramps. Anyone on birth control for reasons like these, and if so, which has worked for you? Anyone on Yas? I’ve heard good things.



im not on it yet, but i just went to the doctors and the perscribed me loestrigen24 fe
i start it this sunday.
they said it should ease the cramps and stop REALLY heavy bleeding. plus, youll have your period for only a few days a most.
i really hope it works cause i have the same priblem. it stinks =/


B!tch thats nasty. Go to the doctors.


idk im not a girl


yep it works…


I have not tried yaz however I am on orthocyclen for those reasons and it decreases my cramps however does not aleveate them all the way. It has stopped me from bleeding as much.