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Bad headaches not migranes ?

A few weeks ago, I got 2 very bad headaches… not migranes (I looked up migranes online, and don’t have the symptoms). They are in the back of my head, where my head meets my neck. Horrible pain, reducing me to tears. What could it be?



omg.. i sooo read this article in a magazine where this girl had the same prob. u did and it ended up being a birth defect called “chiari malformation” and its where a part if the cerebellum- the area of the brain at the base of the head- extends out of the skull and put pressure on the spinal cord.. also 1 in 1,000 people have it but also there are triggers that cause those headaches like : stress, dehydration, loud music and caffine withdraw, when the blood vessels enlarge the inflammation causes the pain.. DONT PANIC PLEASE… i highly doubt that birth defect is whats wrond with you just take some OTC meds.. but if they last longer i would advise going to the doc.


Two suggestions. Go see a Dentist and if it’s not associated with your jaw or teeth, go to an Eye doctor, and if that checks out see a neuro doctor. Good luck.


Get your blood pressure check, and tell you doctor, he or she can order test to rule out things that are causing your headaches.
I get them to when I get upset, or just a bad day, I even have noise in my ears. I try to ignore it, but it is hard. Make sure that you get enough water and rest.


it could be a pinched nerve!
I’ve had this myself…I see a chiroprator when this happens.
feel better soon please!