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Bad headache and hurts real bad when coughing?

I had a headache since this morning it hurt like a tooth ache…Now everytime i cough i feel like i get shot in the head is this normal?



This has happened to me before and I know how bad it sucks. Go to the doctor and see if you have any infections and they might also give you same pain meds. Take those and try to sleep.


it may be a migrane, but if this continues you may want to go to the doctor. If you have a stiff neck, vomiting, and this migrane headace you need to go to the hospital immediately


it could just be a headache but when you cough it increases the pressure in your head, also raises Blood pressure. usually headaches with throbbing pain on one side of you head is consistent w/ migraines, especially if you have light or noise sensitivity, nausea, visual disturbances