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Bad Gas Good Or Bad?

Lately i have been passing alot of gas out of my bottom and i dont know what it could be from? do i need to go to the doctors or is it normal? and they stink really bad. Help please… Thankz



Ok! The good thing is that everybody has gas. Some gas triggers could be food, stress, and needing to have a bowel movemnt. Are you eating a lot of cheese and beans? Are you under pressure? Have you had a bowel movement lately? If absoulety everything is normal you should talk to your doctor! I hope this helps!


It’s all the sulfar in your diet..meat and eggs have alot of sulfar in it and makes your farts stink..and when you have a b.m. it’s gonna stink as well…use spray!


Have you been eating a lot of gas producing foods like beans, cabbage, foods with fiber? If you don’t have massive cramps or changes in your bathroom habits, try some beano and see if that helps.