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Bad cramps accompanied by passing out and throwing up bc?

the first day of my period i HORRIBLE cramps. so bad that i just lay in bed and cry all day.
i never had them before about 6 months ago and now they get worse every time. ive had my period for about 3 years and im 16.
if i stand up for more than like ten minutes i pass out and im always dizzy/throwing up.
should i consider birth control?



i think thats pmdd..if i were you i would consider birth control. there is a certain type of birth control that is for people with pmdd. its not normal to faint from having your period, somethings not right


You might consider asking a doc for help =)


Yes! the pill has done wonders for me, seriously, no more cramps, no mood swings and even no period if i don’t want to have it. Really, see an ob-gyn and they’ll know what’s the best method for you. Good luck! you shouldn’t have to deal with that every month!


You should consider GOING TO A DOCTOR instead of typing on a chatline, dont you think?your symptoms are far from normal.