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Bad breath rotten egg smelling farts flemmy mouth?

Ok, I’m not sure if these things are connected or what, but I have all those things plus I have watery poop most of the time. Sorry to be so graphic. lol Is it possible I have some sort of food allergy or a bacteria problem?



The link below is to a good article ‘5 Tips to Combat Bad Breath’:


see a doctor if symptoms persist


You sound swell.


It just sounds like you either have a really bad diet, or you have recently changed your diet and your body is making needed adjustments!
If the problem gets chronic, then go talk with your primary care physician.
good luck!


possibly food poisoning senior if your having diarrhea (drink gatorade)


try pepto


A few seeds of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of bad breath. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More useful remedies at


I get these same symptoms sometimes myself, along with dry mouth and I eat pretty healthy and I cant figure it out either? My first thought is that its food related but every so often it just happens to me for a week or so, I never really kept track of it but I will now. If you find out what it is thats causing your symptoms please send me an email and let me know.