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Bacterial Vaginosis home rememdy?

safest and quickest way



It can really only be cleared up with antibiotics. Go to your doctor. I had the same problem a while a go and I went on a week long course of antibiotics. It cleared up really quickly.
Sometimes it does clear up on its own but if there’s no signs of that happening you should go see your doctor. It’s a really common condition and easily diagnosed (I didn’t even have to have a swab taken or anything).
It’s caused by an imbalance of bacteria. Avoid cleaning to ofter, using harsh or perfumed soaps, douching, that kind of thing
You should really only need to wash that area once a day with warm soapy water (use a mild soap).
I know that doesn’t help your current situation much. But it can be a recurring condition so it might be helpful for preventing it in the future.


Bacterial vaginosis needs to be treated with anti biotics.


I have had a problem with that for years. It happens about every 6 months. Nothing i have found over the counter works. I don’t have insurance, and luckily my doctor is really helpful. I have tried the anti-biotics, but they never work. She gives me a vaginal medicine (kinda like monistat) It works in under 24 hours. Since I don’t have coverage, I can call and she gives me samples, so I don’t have to pay for it.