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Backbone and trauma?

Today I was playing basketball with some friends. So I was double teamed while i was dribbling, both tried to steal the ball from me, so I mad a spin crossover but one of them accidentally hit me hard in the backbone, he hit me between the lover cervical area and the upper thoracic area. The other hit me between the upper lumbar and the lower thoracic.
The hit in the thoracic to lumbar area caused me small shock (the same shock u feel when u hit ur ulnar nerve) but the shock only lasted less than a second.
The other hit caused me a very small bruise and it only hurts when i touch it but it is not that severe. Currently, i feel no numbness and no tickling and I can control every part in my body and I feel no pain other than the bruise.
My question is:
Can that stunt growth?
Will I keep growing?
Will this affect my growth?



Most likely, your growth will be fine. The small “shock” you felt could have been a “stinger” injury…a temporary stretch or compression of a nerve. If your symptoms went away immediately afterwards, I would say your are fine.
A boney injury can affect your growth if there is a fracture that occurs at the epiphyseal plate (growth plate), but this primarily happens in the long bones (arm, femur, etc) and not the vertebrae.
If your epiphyseal plates in your arms and legs have not yet closed, you should continue to grow.


No you will be fine. It is amazing how much abuse your body can take. I say if you only have a bruise and no pain or numbness that is a good sign. If you do have any changes, numbness or tingling in any part of your body then it is best to call the doctor. Sometimes trauma to the back can show up later on.