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Average breast size for 13 year old?

I wear the second smallest bra size you can get like 30a i think. Im 13 and does size have to do with gentics? im natural skinny and i eat a lot but im like 105 or so and tall. all my family has C – DD



You’re about the right size for a 13 year old. Yes, genetic does factor into how large they may get.


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A or one half.


well your body size doesnt nessasarry have anything todo with it.


It’s based on genetics, hormones, and body type. You’re tall and skinny, so you may have smallish breasts for your whole life. however your family is bigger sized so you may go up. It’s a combo of these things that will influence your breast size.


Ah! Hun youre only 13! You’re boobs will grow eventually. But take it from experiance, not all family genes are passed down. Like I have big boobs. (36C) and my mom has well… mosquito bites. lol like a negative A and so does my older sister. I have the biggest boobs of my family.
34s should be good for age 13. You’re lovelys will grow in due time!


i dunno, it varies. when i was 13 i was a 32b. but sweetheart dont worry. i am 23 now and only wear a 34b. and my friend is 23 and she only wears an “a” cup. God makes each one of us unique and different.


Yeah, it’s normal. Yes, it does have to do with genetics. You are still growing, so don’t worry. You will be growing for many years to come, you will develop sooner or later. [:


It depends on genetics, age, and body type.
You’re still a young woman so if the women on BOTH sides of the family are big-chested, you’ll probably be the same way.
You’re also kinda thin so if you were that cup size now, you’d be having back problems from the extra weight.
All and all, be proud of who you are right now and do your best to be/remain healthy. Work what you’ve got! (lol)


it will come in time, you still have a ways to go! most woman grow until they are 20, so don’t worry, besides its not the breast that makes a woman its her heart!


I’m not exactly sure because I couldn’t find any informaion, but everyone grows at different sizes and rates so I wouldn’t exactly know the average.


your wright were you should be you will grow a biger bust in time remember your thirteen youve got time
im 14.5 and ive got size d and it runs in the faimily not to realy have boobs
your quitl lucky trust me!


i am 13 and wear a 36a so i dont know a=wat to tell u but they will grow eventually


my friend is 13 and she is 34 c