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At 14 is it possible that i will grow to over 5 8?

I’m 5’7 now and on saturday whilst shopping with my friends a modelling scout approached me, and me and my parents will go to see the agency on saturday. i checked the agency on the internet and it all checks out, BUT the woman did say that i was a little on the short side (with 5’8 being the standard minimum height) And im wondering if i’ll grow to 5’8 or if i should just give up with this modelling thing?



you could be still growing


You continue to grow until the age of 18. Supposedly.


depends if you want to do it…
There is the possibility that you may grow taller by perhaps an inch or 2 (without getting into the gorey details, it largely depends on how long into your puberty you are).
If you REALLY REALLY want to be a model then do it, if you dont or are unsure i wouldn’t bother…
Millions of young girls want to be fashion models, very few make it and a LOT are exploited.


You probably will.
It all depends on when you hit puberty.
For example, i got my periods when i was 13 and i think i stopped growing at 16.
Though im not sure, im almost 17 now, but i havent grown at all all year so im guessing the growth stopped.
But, you get the idea 🙂


people are 1-2 inches taller right after waking up and getting up from the bed (not a myth, it was actually proven in the show brainiacs), so you may want to go to the auditing early in the morning and try to stay horizontal as long as possible b4 being measured up


Yes give it up. Get your education. At 14 by the time you are thirty you can be a doctor. Looks fade. That person in the mall is desperate for money and publicity so you are the one that is being exploited. Website shebsite, give it a rest. Use your height to be tall of stature not tall but short on brains. If you grow to 5’8 or 5’10 you are not doing it for some commercialized company that will not be there with you when you are old and gray. Look in the mirror, you want the kidnappers to bring you home when they get you under the streetlight not take you for a ride, don’t butter up for too much glamour. Life is what you make it, make it clean, sober, and smart.


You can very well add 1 to 2 inches immediately by changing your standing posture.or doing starching exercises or by playing games like volley ball or basket ball


Well if your only 14 now and your 5’8 i should think by the time your 21 you should be well over 7 feet


dont worry at 14 you will still be growing you could get 2 be 6-6’1 ps good luck modeling


Sorry girl but you have some competition.
My wife (the most beautiful woman in the world) is 5’2”.
She (at 29) will never be a tall model.
You however, will be.
Good luck sweetheart.