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Asymmetric body?

Ok, the right side of my body is slightly bigger and fatter than the other side. It’s not really noticeable, but it bothers me because if affects my face. How do I make my face more symmetric? For example, I can maybe make one side of my face fatter or slimmer, but how do I do that?



Probably no one has noticed but you. Even if they notice, you are you. Enjoy what you are and don’t worry about it. Very few people are actually symmetric. Perfection really doesn’t exist and we waste a lot of time trying to achieve it.




Everyone has this! If both sides of your face looked exactly alike, it would look strange. Try this take two pics of your face in a way that they are the same size and pose. cut off one side, and put it on the other pic so you have the same side on each side. it will look strange. we did this in art class in HS. relax, everyone has the same deal going on.