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Asking my mum about using a training bra?

I think a bud appeared behind my nipples, and i’m having some chafing (don’t know if I spelt it right!)around the chest area. So I think that I’m developing. I want to buy a training bra with my own money but I don’t know how to ask her without her freaking out (you know, like i’m growing up too fast!) or embarrassing me. I just want to know how to ask her if I can buy some training bras and use them.



Just ask her to take you to the mall. Go into a department store (like JCPenney) and take a look at the bras, and tell her you think you might want to use a training bra. Unless your mom is crazy she should be fine with it and purchase it for you.


Say,, you know mom I’m getting older could you please help getting me a training bra without embarrising me!!


Just ask her! If she’s your mom, then she would definitely understand! People have this problem, but your mom had to deal with the same thing!! Just ask, and whats the worst she could say/do?


next time you and she are at the store, just put it in the cart. thats how I did it, worked nicely


Just ask her when you get a moment with just the two of you. I’m sure she will understand. She was a ‘Preteen’ just like you.


Just come right out and say it or wirte it on a note- “Mom- don’t freak out, but i would like to start using traing bras”.


you go to her when she has nothing to do like watching tv and just say that you need aa training bra.. i was scared too but i did this and she was happy because i was “growing up”


tell her i would like to go shoppin and when you get there take her into the bathroom and tell her. so that know one will be there to see u embarrassed. hey its only a suggestion u dont need to follow it.
good luck


Ask her when she got her first bra.Let her know that you feel like you need one. Maybe also mention how it’s too hot to wear an undershit all year (if you wear one). If nothing else works, cry and tell her that the girls you know tease you about not wearing one. Another way to go, if she denys a traing bra, is to ask for a sports bra. If she denys you also, bring it up again while ya’ll are at a store that sells bra’s, preferbly if you walk by and see a sale. If all that fails, wait awhile and ask again. And keep asking every few months.
My parents actually wouldn’t let me have one. I did get a sports bra type thing for a year though, after my teacher actually called home to tell them I needed a bra (parents were in denial). Then when I got my first real bra, they took me to get training bras, and everything was too small, I ended up having to get a real bra in a B-cup.
If your mom is afraid of you growing up to fast, and thats her reasoning for not getting one, maybe tell her you are growing up, but you want to grow up into a good young lady, and not names that the boys in school call the gals that don’t wear bras.How do the boys know if they wear bras or not, they try to snap their straps.That might get her to buy you one, becuase she wants you to be respectiable instead of the opposite of that.
I’m assuming your young still, but don’t worry about it. If your small chested though, You may not need a bra for a few years. One of my friends didn’t need a traing bra till she was about 14 or 15, she literly had nothing there. Then she became a B cup when she was about 18, and she’s 23 now,and they havn’t grown any at all. You can expect your chest size to be about the size of your mothers (maybe a bit smaller or bigger) when your done devoloping.


i remember going through this i didnt even have to ask i came home from school one day and there was a few waiting for me to try on but go talk to your mom tell her that u want to start getting used to wearing a bra and u would like to start using training bras and ask her not to do anything embarrassing