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Asian girls are hottttttt?

Why are asian girls soo attracted to me?
I’m a young russian guy, whos is well built and got wide shoulders… I might seem like I’ve got a bit of asian in me, but do asian girls know the difference?
But hey, every asian girl I have come across melt when I talk to them! But yeah, thats the thing too– I’m pretty damn attracted to them, too :p



I don’t know anything about Asian girls, but I DO know
that Asian GUYS are VERY hot!!
Especially Chinese and Filipinos. MMMMmmmm!


haha, there’s nothing wrong with that


you are an idiot. this is not the point of a health forum.


DA ti nastaiashi muzjik


In my area there are loads of Asian girls and they all dream of being with a white guy. I have no idea why… maybe cuz they want white children, I dunno.