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As any1 else suffer with bad stuff coming off there chest or just me i stopped s

but everymorning feels like i smoked 20 fags and i cant stop spitting is it just me by the way im 11 wks preg today xxxxx



My mate gave up smoking and for months afterwards she was coughing up all kinds of horrible stuff! I reckon it’s just your body clearing itself up.


You’re lungs are clearing everything they can for the baby’s sake. Any carcinogens leftover from before. BUT, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the doctor about it. You may be getting pneumonia. Get to the doc and soon.
Blessed Be


You either burn candles in the room or work in an unhealthy environment.


when you smoke it kills off villi- tiny hair like bits in your lungs /breathing tubes, which help rid you of phlegm etc, because you stopped they are regrowing so your body is probably clearing out some old junk ! that and you being pg -your body will have more blood going round it and generally is on hyperdrive at the mo.