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As a female i am really self-conscious about my b o mine is unusually bad str

most of the smell is under my arms and (blush) btwn my legs (i know… eww) what is causing this (groan)??



BO is due to bacteria, add some alum to your bath water. From


Go to a pharmacy and get an Anti Sweat stick and just rub it under your arms and on the sides of your legs after you’ve showered. You only have to use it once a day. If all else fails, visit your doctor.


If you have a bad odor in the vaginal area you need to see a doc as you may have an infection. For underarm odor change your deodorant till you find one that works. Also be sure your underwear is 100% cotton and don’t use soaps, lotions, body sprays or douche in the vaginal area as this can be part of the problem. Go see your doc for the vaginal odor as you may have an infection.


I have no idea – what makes this happen but I’d suggest you switch up deo’s and use both a deo and anti persp.
I find arm and hammer makes a good deo and secret usually on top of it. I find using a shower gel with a nice flavor helps
As far as your ‘female’ again with the deo soap, and repeat.
I would also buy a female deo spray FDS and wear a panty liner – When you spray it (do it on your panties)
Also if it is very bad see your MD for a yeast infection or UTI
Perhaps something in your diet? Drink a lot of fluids to flush out your system –


The first step is to shave the hair off – odor-causing bacteria thrive in body hair in moist places. Second step is to shower/bathe daily several times, starting in the morning, and wash these areas thoroughly with soap or bodywash. Third step is to use good deodorants for both locations (not anti-perspirants). If you’re a teenager, your body is undergoing changes that often result in excess body odor, and you more or less have to live with whatever is left after you follow those three steps.


I used to have this problem and tried to fix it by using antibacterial soap. Found out it just exacerbated the problem and then I switched to mild soap like Dove or Ivory and the problem went WAY down. Now I use a special soap that is all natural and I have no more problems as long as I shower at least every other day. I can go as long as two days if I get busy or lazy. Only problem I have now is that I’ve gone back to the skin I had in my youth which was a bit too oily…but it’s not worth complaining over.


you can wear lots of purfume and deoterant and see if there is anything else that can help you


Like the others say, see the Dr for vaginal exam, the armpits, try looking for the right deodorant that works for you. There is also another thing to note, it’s how you eat daily, and are you getting a good source of vitamins from veggies/ fruit in your diet daily?
Yogurt is a BIG PLUS…It fights off bacteria in your body.
Good luck at your Dr’s office & hope you find good tips and hints…


Maybe you are stress and/or anxious. I have the same problem sometimes, I don’t stink and at times I smell really bad even ehem there.And I’m the one of cleaniest person my friends ever know.
But if you have the guts to talk to your doctor then open up the issues to him/her. But hey don’t feel bad cause you aren’t alone. And if people are discriminate you cause of that then the heck w/them and let them deal w/you stinky while you’re keeping your head up and showing them you have guts!