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Aroused during a physical exam?

I am a female who just had a physical. As I was lying on the table with my legs wide spread and the doctor was spreading my labia, I felt very aroused. I think I was wet. A part of me wanted him to keep touching and a part felt so humiliated. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.



No I have not heard of it, most of us dread it, get a boyfriend!


That is my biggest fear at my doctors.




well ur labia is a sexual part of u so it pretty normal and no that hasn’t happended to me.


it has only happened to me during a sonogram, they had to use a probe, and I have to say that it felt pretty good, and would not be mad if I had to have another one


I wouldn’t call it normal but I’m not saying it’s abnormal either. Most women freeze.


Yeah its normal for a girls who is going through puberty or has never had sex or hasnt had it in a while. Hey, at least he didnt know what you were feeling! having overactive hormones is PERFECTLY normal so, your fine. hope this helped!


That’s why you get a female doctor. 🙂


I was a medical assistant for an obgyn and did a rectal exam on a girl who was obviously aroused during it as she started rubbing herself during the exam (she was bent over the exam table with gown wide open). I didn’t know if I should stop or continue, but think she was more embarrassed than me.




i doubt that it is abnormal. if you feel comfortable there and with that doctor, enough to get aroused, that may be a good thing. it definently shows you are comfortable with your doctor. i had experienced this before, but then that doc left the office and i haven’t really felt that at ease with any other doctor