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Armpit shaving?

ok, my problem is that i get really bad razor burn whenever i shave my armpits. i don’t use shaving cream, and it never works for me anyways. can someone tell me how to avoid razor burn?



if you don’t like shaving cream, try gel or lotion. even body wash lathered up in the shower will help protect your skin while shaving.
or try changing razors. Schick Intuition has that ring of lotion around it, specifically designed to condition as you shave.


Depilatory cream?


you have to apply lotion every night to soften your hair


Well i could suggest ,when bathing soap your armpit(making it nice and soapy) then shave.No need for shaving cream anyway. It should be smoother as the skin is wet and slippy. Dont dry shave.Oh yeah and make sure your razor is always clean.


try using a razor for sensitive skin or switch to an electric shaver then use alcohol afterward to close the pores. Sometimes our raxors have been used by another family member (like to depill a sweater) which makes the blade scratchy. Or use depilator cream to remove the hair there. There is cream for that and also there’s a powder you can mix with water to remove that (some people use that on their face). Some people have it removed with wax by professionals (if you can stand the pain).


This might sound strange but my dermatologist suggested that I try hair conditioner. It has worked great!


Use some other hair removal method. Plucking (tweezing), Depilatory creams and Waxing are temporary hair removal methods. Waxing usually lasts for 3 weeks, but it is painful. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are “permanent” hair removal methods but are expensive and you have to find a trained professional, otherwise your skin could be damaged. A review of the various hair removal methods is available at