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Arm and leg tingly why?

So my right leg and arm are tingly like they have been asleep and kinda cramping feeling in my like wrist area. Any idea why? I do sit at a computer all day working but it was not happening before like wed and I had been sitting at a computer before. Also, I tend to make myself think that something is wrong, and I have anxiety. So I try and tell myself I am ok. I don’t know if its me making it worse or if I have a pinched nerve or what. Any thoughts?!



maybe you could go for a quick walk if you’ve been on the computor for a while, it might stretch your muscles. i think this is normal however; it’s probably just because your body has been in the same position for a while. if you’re really worried though, you should go to a doctor – they’re the experts and they’ll obviously know how to help 🙂


I would see a chiropractor. A lot of people think they are crackpots but they do know a lot about nerves and muscles that are associated with sitting in the same positions at work for extended periods of time. They can do heat and electrical massages/therapy to loosen up the tight muscles, and then “adjust” your back. (The adjusting I am skeptical about). They have the expertise to see if this does not help, and can order x-rays or an MRI to see about foraminal stenosis or a disc herniation.