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Are you someone who can make up for lost sleep later? or once it s gone is i

if you don’t snooze, you lose. and no amount of caffeine will help. IS THIS YOU?
OR… catch a nap later or an extra few hours the next night, and you’re good as new.
either way, it’s okay to blame YA for staying up too late. get some rest!



HA!! Guess who couldn’t sleep, and came here, in the middle of the night??
If I can’t sleep when I’m sleepy, which is early in the evening, I usually sleep only a couple of hours, much later or, sometimes, stay awake all night, and am completely useless, the next day.
I’m lucky to work at home so, when I’m not too busy, I can take a nap during the day, which helps me to feel better, but doesn’t make up for the lost night. I never sleep extra hours, I just can’t. Tired of not, having slept well or not, I wake up at around five in the morning, every day, including weekends.
YA is not to blame, Patz, it is my salvation!! Where else I’d be relaxing and finding reasons to smile, at this time?? 😉
Hope you have a restful night, and wake up feeling great, to enjoy your Sunday!!
Sweet dreams!! 🙂


LOL! I was just thinking I should be getting to bed! I’m usually asleep by now for work! Goodnight!


If i don;t get the right amount of sleep like 6or 7 hours i will drag all day long’ but if i can catch a 2 hour nap it will help for r a couple hours till I’m off work ; but no once it;s gone it;s gone.I remember i used to could go out on sat night to party till 2 or 3 but now the clock strikes midnight i turn into a pumpkin and must hurry home before i fall asleep standing up.It;s not that bad; but it feels like it… yahoo does keep me up ; but that;s understandable…


Usually i can sleep when i ” decide to”.
For Ex. If i know that i will have to go to bed very late because i have a party or a dinner etc ,etc i can sleep for 10/15 minutes before going to the reception.
It helps.


I have phases where I seem to manage on only a few hours sleep at night; other times I seem to catch up. When I do catch up after sleepless nights, I always seem to dream more. This has been found too in experiments where people deprived of sleep seem to have a bigger need to catch up on their dream-time more than anything else.


I’m done for. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I have tried to make up for lost sleep, but it just doesn’t work. My sleep is soooo off, trying to make for it doesn’t help.