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Are you sick of 14 year olds posting for attention?

It drives me nuts when I click on a link and I think its going to be a good convo to only find out it is a teen (or a sick adult) asking questions for attention.
I don’t get it. It is so disappointing!! I am like “dang!..” The two points are always nice though. *sighs*



Am I too fat?Am I too skinny? Am I too tall? Am I too short? How can I lose 40 lbs. in a week? Is there a pill so I can have six pack abs? I never worried about any of this stuff when I was 14. Get a f—— life. I’m with you.


are you kidding!?!?! the 11’s are my life


hey! im 14!


can get sik of it, especially when its something like, r my boobs 2 big or that they r horny and just wanna hav sex, etc.
but they can b funny too, just in a stupid way 🙂




I personally hate the ones where the people (young teens) are asking the question “Am I fat, skinny, or average.” Those are really stupid. All the people answering are going by bmi and its just dumb because its always some 100 lb 13 year old asking the question.


I know right. Us 16 year olds are way more mature 🙂


No. I enjoy their posts immensely.
They bring me as much joy as I feel when I mix up my vinegar and eye drop bottles.