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Are you in favor that the trojan condom ad was banned?

I just want to know if you agree on the decision of banning the ad for trojan condom? I dont see anything wrong in the ad, its just being realistic that sex is happening out of marriage and they just trying to promote safe sex and prevent diseases. Im just giving my side but im not against those who agreed to banned the ad.



I am against the banning of the ad. I think if they are going to ban something like that they need to ban the viagra and feminine lubricant ads as well.


I never thought much about it.


Psh, no! That commercial was gold!


They ban this but they allow so many other things to air things that promote promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. So why is it bad to promote safe promiscuous sex?


What was the ad? This is the first I’m hearing about this…