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Are you for female circumcision?



NO WAY! And nobody should be. Damn mutilation practices.


NO!! That’s mutilation at the worst degree!


Um…I don’t think female circumcision exist. I think what you might be referring to is female mutilation, but why should anyone in their right mind be for that??




Of course not! How could someone be for it? It takes away the girl’s main pleasure center, and has no benefits.


No I am definitely not for female circumcision. One of the many reasons why not is because of the kind of problems it can cause for the health of a young girl and even when she gets older.


Ummm OUCH and NO


Oh my God, no! It’s absolutely horrific…
Those who claim it doesn’t exist, time to open you eyes. Women in several nations are tortured with this “procedure.”
I usually don’t post Wikipedia links, but the other links tend to be EXTREMELY graphic, so this time I’m making an exception.


there is no good reason to preform this type of mutilation


WTF. HE.LL NO its just plain wrong are you a MORON


One word – circumcision is very painful. Mutilation is more painful. By cutting a part of a female’s genitalia is a very bad idea. I opt for the no..no..no and one should not vote for it.


obviously not, you are as is, this does take place in middle east cultures, and unless for medical reasons, should be banned,


I can accept the removal of the clitoral hood as a centuries old tradition which is important in some cultures and religions and does no more harm than male circumcision. I don’t advocate either in any way but then I don’t think I have the right to impose my cultural values on others. The world has lost much of its cultural diversity and that strikes me as being rather sad.
The more extreme forms of ‘circumcision’ are not circumcision at all and shouldn’t be refered to as such – total removal of the clitoris and infibulation where the labia are cut is pure mutilation that sereves no purpose other than causing lifelong pain, humiliation – that, we must work to stamp out – even if it is a cultural tradition.