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Are you angry when you wake up?

whenever i have to wake up early i am so angry people know not to talk to me or say anything because they already know i will go off. but when im on my night scheduel and i wake up at 10pm im just fine. but when i get woke up early i could beat somebody to death if they mess with me wrong



i’m only angry when people wake me up


i am always furious at people or things when i wake up




No , I’m the happiest in the morning when I wake , usually takes until I walk in the door at work before it starts to slide downhill :))


You just aren’t a morning person. I’m the same way. There’s nothing wrong with you. And you have your body on 2 different schedules, you are throwing your body off (mentally and physically.)


Ya I used to be that way to, but I found that if I make myself go to bed earlier and get at least 8 hrs of sleep I am ok, Ive also noticed that having the radio instead of that insane buzzer from the alarm waking me up I do alot better to 🙂 Good luck.


yeahhhh i am more sad and bummed out cause i have to get up than angry, but i know what ya mean…
I am just a night person…


I’m typically mildly angry, but not big-time. I always wanted to be one of those people that woke-up happy. I’m just not. Not even when I know something good is happening that day, like I’m going on vacation. I still wake up mildly angry. It’s stupid.


For some reason I am this morning. Probably b/c I didn’t sleep well & my daughter didn’t want to get up for summer school, couldn’t find a uniform, blah blah blah.
But thanks, glad I’m not the only one.


That means your not in the mood so sleep early.
Thank you!


I get a bit moody when ever someone wakes me up..
Yours seems a worse though, im not that bad…
I just love my bed too much lol


you are a night owl with anger management issues get help it is selfish to affect other people cuz you have no self control


I’m angry yes, mostly from dreams!