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Are u like us? and do you take supplements? or eat extremely healthy?

I’m in my 30s and my husb. will be 38. we both look so young and we don’t have any gray hairs yet.
I can’t say it’s hereditary cause his father at his age was full of gray hairs and died at 42. and I can’t say that we have the easiest life, we have 5 children and barely sleep and it’s weird cause I don’t even have bags under my eyes, I just get allergies.
The only thing I could think of is our diet.
If your like us I’m really curious to what you eat.????



I’m nearly sixty and frequently have my grandkids mistaken for my kids. I started turning grey at 55. I have to confess I have a diet that would turn a cardiologist grey. Way too much fat, red meat and sugar, but my arteries are clear, my cholesterol is normal and I haven’t high blood pressure or diabetes. I take no supplements whatsoever.
I am of course overweight. Skinny people wrinkle more.
You get your genes from a whole bunch of people who preceded you, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc. Some of whom have passed from memory or left no photographs
The only healthy thing I did was quit smoking 26 years ago. And that was only because it went to a dollar a pack and I’m cheap.
Count your present health as a blessing, and quit smoking, when you get a lot older thats when you can figure out if you are carrying your health into your elder years, in the thirties, good health is pretty much a given, in the mid forties male heart problems start coming out and in the fifties its high blood pressure and diabetes. Being healthy at thirty isn’t that unusual.


id say im quite like you i do not really watch my diet alot but for main meals i eat fresh food and lots of fruit n veg but i do also eat treats sometimes– i also do lots of exercises and drink water thats good for u alot!


Lots of fat, red meat, and an lot of alcohol.
I’m not like you.


i eat healthy mostly organic foods, work out, don’t stress out and i have gray hair.gray hair can be from heredity, environment, nutrition, etc. since i’m fairly healthy and most of my relatives on my mom’s side have gray hair, i’m going to say it’s hereditary. well, the fact that i’m only 24 yrs. old and started getting gray hair at 9 it’s fair to say i got it from my genes. 🙁


LOL, um… wow, if you think your diet has more to do with it than genetics, your wayyyyyy wrong. Your diet might make you look younger because you are not overweight and might get the proper nutrition you need, but it does not even come close to the importance of your genetics.