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Are there any other addiction treatment for heroin other than methadone?

I know methadone is commonly used, but I’ve heard that it can be addictive as well. I suppose it could be true, as heroin was first believed to be a medication for morphine addiction. So, are there other treatments for heroin addiction?



Yes, there is. There’s naloxone, which is an opiate receptor blocker that adheres to neurons so the opiates wouldn’t work. There’s naltrexone, which is an opiate receptor blocker used to treat addiction to heroin. There’s also buprenorphine, which, as of now, seems the most appealing medication of them all, as it requires less dosage, and has the least withdrawal symptoms, if any.


Important: To All readers,I know medically from M.D.’s i went to college with, that heroin and methadone takes a mans nature away, immediately and permanently, as limp as wet toilet tissue, and that has long lasting damage, (months) when the daily, habitual user intakes heroin and methadone at the same time. There is no comeback, that stuff takes your good sense, reasonable thinking, and o.h.,
did I mention,…,..
all your contacts with your clean and sober friends away from you. Hiding from them. That **** just stops everything. (only if you let it.) When a person is to weak to stop using, they begin to hallucinate wanting mind created, imaginary sex, and believing they are true stallions, when it’s really just a farse. Their (users) sorry head trips roar, surrounding the shame they feel, while trying to escape through fantasy and lies, towards eluding innocent, contacted, females (whom they must create and invent,) who don’t have a clue that they cannot perform, sexually, and that they are full of **** with them, not giving a @!*?*8#!! about them–period, while in all truth, not being able to be the person they once were, (in actuality), for years, because of such on-going, consistant relapse mode. (fall-hard, really hard!!). So sad.but don’t you dare take responsibility for someone like that. You cannot help someone who wants to live in a fantasy world because they are to weak to stop, and because they love that nasty ****, more than life itself, and just, truly, does’nt want to stop. Give it the best, you have to give, and move on. If you are not a user, your position in life is to live…and most of all folks– respect life.
Always keep in mind, as I always do, you have people who depend on you, our young and our old. Life is not about that drug mentallity of getting over, on people, deceptiveness, and worst of all, the greed and the selfishness,–as herion and god, it’s so ugly, yuch. Our kindess of men, fall into exactly that drug induced personallity–(mentioned above) automatically!, because that is exactly what that drug does to them. Life is about giving, nuturing and appreciation, for all the wonders god gave us. Life is all to precious. Don’t ever, please never, let anything ever make you take life for granted.May peace always be in your life.