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Am i going to have any trouble?

I have 5 cysts on my right ovary and my doctor told me thatI could either have endometriosis (which he doubts because he says I am too young (19)) or poy cystic syndrome (which I don’t match any of the syptoms except the cyst. I ma not over weight, have never had acne. I have had sever to moderate pain in my lower abdomenal area and hrorible cramps during my period. I also have had migraines and really weird cycles. ( every 3 motnhs and 10 days at a time and very heavy) I have been on birth control for that. My question is Will it be difficult for me to have children if I have either one of these? And do you know anyone with these symptons, if so what is wrong with them? Personally I don’t think I am too young to have endometerosis.



You’re right about not being too young for endometriosis. It can start as early as your first period, it doesn’t know any age limits.
Ovarian cysts are very common. Most women have them and never even know it. They develop and dissolve without any complications. Occasionally the cysts will cause complications, perhaps even rupture, and require medical attention.
The pain you’re experiencing may be coming from the cysts, the endometriosis, or something else completely.
It sounds to me like you’re very well informed about your condition and the possible diagnoses. It also sounds like your doctor may not take you seriously, either because of your age or because he believes he knows better. Either way, it’s not a good combination.
Continue with your research and tracking your symptoms. Find an endometriosis support group in your area and get referrals from the women there for a new doctor. Your doctor should be willing to listen to you, take your opinions into consideration and involve you in your own care.


I have endometerosis and had NO trouble getting pregnant. Actually, they say that having a baby is one of the ways to cure endometerosis (worked for me). Technically, it can make it more difficult for you to get pregnant, if you have endometerosis, but if you get it treated and stay on top of it you shouldn’t have too many problems.
I can only speak from personal experience, so I don’t know about the cyst, but if you are under a doctor’s care, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I was diagnosed with endometerosis when I was 15, and 11 years later I got pregnant 2 weeks after I stopped taking birth control. Therefore, while you are young, you are not too young to have endometerosis. I do have a friend who had severe endometerosis and several cysts; she was able to have one child with little trouble conceiving, but later she did have to get a hysterectomy because she kept getting cysts.


Most women will get cysts on her ovaries sometime in her life. they come and go. Sometimes they cause a lot of pain, like you are experiencing with your period. They won’t have any affect on you getting pregnant.
Endometiosis can cause you to not get pregnant but only in extreme cases.