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Am i going to grow?

im nealry 17 and im 5″. i am reali small compared to all of my freinds. am i going to grow any more???



You might but always remember you aren’t the only short one in the world. I’m 26 and only 5″ tall. I thought the same thing at your age and I’m almost 10 years older. Dont set yourself up for a let down. Love yourself now and what you will be like in 10 years. It took a while to love myself being short but I do now. I am also not the shortest one of my friends, co workers or family members. You can’t argue with what you are other wise you will always be unhappy. I love being short cause at a crowded bar I can just glide between people to get a drink, no guys are shorter than I am so my dating options are wide open, and its part of my personality which is huge in comparison to my size.


some people are just born small you may grow a little but you are probly going to be small for life :[ im small to


There is a chance you will grow a little more but you wont suddenly wake up to find yourself 6″.


Alot of people grow after turning 17 but, alot will depend upon your family history. such as how tall are your parents? are the any unusually height differences such as dwarfism or giantism? Do you have any tall members of your immediate family?


it depends on genetics apparently. I’m 15, and I’m only 4’11, haven’t grown since the 6th grade. Both of my parents were short, so that’s why I’m short.
So possibly, you could grow, but at the most chance you won’t. And don’t be worried about being small compared to your friends, I’ve said that before, and everyone says the same thing, it’s better to be small.