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Am I going to get my period soon?

I am 11 years old and my breasts have been growing for two years. I have been getting thick discharge and pubic hair for 7 months months now. My breasts are starting to get tender and I tend not to be able to focus. I have been anxiose and impatient latley too. I am getting slighlty uncomfortable cramps and PMS a lot. My mom started when she was 13, my oldest sister started when she was 12 and my other sister started when she was 15. My other sister was very athletic and I know that can sometimes put it off. I am not very athletic I like running but I don’t do it for sports or for fun. I went to the doctor today and she took a sample of my discharge and said I was perfectly fine but I might start my period soon. But some people on ByeDr.com said that they have had discharge for two years and they stil haven’t gotten their period or they went to the doctor too and she said the same thing but it’s been a year and I still haven’t gotten my period. Please post only seriose answers.



If your really “11”, your writings seem very mature for your age. But, you’ll get it when you get it. You’ve got some “signs”, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have them for a couple of years before it actually comes. Be patient.


No one can give you an absolute yes or no answer. It completely depends on your bodies maturation. When it’s time, it will happen. Sorry, I know this is not what you are wanting to hear, but it’s an honest, serious answer.
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Yes, you’ll probably get it soon, because you are developing a lot. Dairy products and meat will cause it to come sooner. 11 is slighter younger than most people get it however- 13 is the average. But, remember, getting your period may be fun the first time, but you’ll really start to hate it as you get it more and more.


its different for different people


well im 13 and i got mine like 5 weeks ago yeahh so i mean you might… if its thick that when i started. Umm i think so but just be prepared for it. I had discharge for like 1 1/3 and then yeah i got it and it was thick for me like 2 weeks before i started. Maybe you should talk to you sis about it she may be able to help you out. I wish i had and older sister. And how long have you had cramps? Good luck!