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Am I going to be ok?

I swallowed my earring.Am I gonna be ok?



Try to eat as much mushed potatoes as u can. it will cover the sharp points of the earring and will keep your intestines from being scratched or damaged. If it is a small one u will not have any problems with that. I don’t think it was a big one anyways.


I guess it depends on how big it was.


You might want to contact medical help and ask about it. It might be small enough to pass through.


The bigger question is did you swallow your ear too? Unless it pokes a hole in your intestine, you will be fine. You might, um, check your BMs for the next day or so to retrieve the aforementioned jewelry. Don’t, however, put it back in your mouth until you’ve thoroughly washed it!


you will poop it out soon…if you do feel some discomfort go and see a doctor.how did you swallow it anyway…?


yeah you’ll be fine. It will just look weird tomorow…haha
My friend swallowed a rinestone on accident is like spanish er something, and she was just like.well thats going to looks weird later… haha it was funny…


probably as long as it doesn’t cut something on your digestive track then it will be fine, maybe check your poop…but if your really worried tell someone or go see a doctor they can take an xray to see were it is and even monitor your poop and check it for you!


Tongue ring I assume? Yes you will be fine.


If it was the size of a penny then you’ll be fine. Just check your poop to see if it passes. If you feel any pain at all you should see a Dr.


Well it will making going to the bathroom a little more interesting lol..but check to make sure you pass it if not call your dr…& u’ll probably get some x rays done.good luck


It should come out on the other end. Haha. Don’t worry about it really.


wat the heck was an earing do’n in ur mouth?




thats funny how did you do that? 🙂 your fine!!


i DONT thank so,i thank u sould c a doctor