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Am I freaking myself out about a pregnancy that doesn t exist?

I’ve been getting more and more worried as the days go on. On the 19th, my Boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, being as foolish as we are. It was only the day after my Period had ended, so I was a little more secure about it. He pulled out well ahead, but I know a lot of the possibilities as I have researched. Now I keep feeling like I have cramps, or almost like I can feel my uterus or something. When I think about it more, I find that I have to urinate far more frequently. Now I know there is a big risk and possibility that I am pregnant.. But am I just imagining these symptoms? I still have two or three weeks until an expected period.. So I have a lot of time to stress about it!!



just calm down. the same thing happened to me just about three months ago. my boyfriend and i did the exact same thing.i thought that i was pregnant and i had many symptoms of it. i had cramps and mood swings, frequent urination and i even gained five pounds. i was so stressed out that it caused me to skip my period. i cried about it for so long when it skipped, seeing as how i am only 18 and am not ready for a baby yet. i was thinking about taking a test but instead i went to the doctor and he said that i was fine, not pregnant, but that i was so stressed and burnt out that i missed my period. so all i can say to you is, don’t let the same thing happen to you. calm down and wait until it’s time for your period. then take a test and go to the doctor just in case.


Its way too early to feel any signs of pregnancy, especially frequent urination. Calm down and be patient! Take a test in a bout two weeks, but the time that you had unprotected sex is not likely to have gotten you pregnant~


Here are some signs:


Okay listen go to the doctor. Right now.


I think you’re psyching yourself out.
Still, take this as a wake up call. Get on the Pill if you and your boyfriend aren’t ready to become parents. Make an appointment with your OB/GYN or at Planned Parenthood tomorrow.


i get paranoid about these things a lot. like my health down there. after i research about something and look at symptoms, i think everything i feel leads to them. i’m sure you’re fine but if you’re really worried, wait a couple days and get a pregnancy test from a drug store.


okay now u think having sex with out a condom was smart? if your srsly srsly conserend ask your doctor wait about 2 weeks and get a pregnancy test~Spencer


idiot, you should have gotten the morning after pill the next morning, god what is wrong with you kids??


You need to stop having sex. You are not ready emotionally, let alone financially and responsibility wise. No sex is safe sex.


No need to do any thing. you are safe. as it wz immediately after you PMS. so shild dont take any medicine. you are fine. and not pregnant.


a lot of times if you are nervous or feel uncertain about having had unprotected sex you can kind of sub consciously make your body have symptoms of pregnancy. your own words are an example:
“when I think about it more, I find that I have to urinate far more frequently”
Don’t stress out. Likely you aren’t pregnant. I went through what you did and I even subconsciously delayed my own period. I was late then the second I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, I started. Don’t over estimate your mind.


Actually you can have symptons the next day of the baby being conceived.But these may just be in your head,just breathe and wait it out tell yourself you are not pregnant over and over again,and before you know it either you will have your period or you will be pregnant.Good Luck.


Wow, I was exactly at your situation before. First, I think you need to chill, go and get a check up to your doctor. If you think you maybe pregant I suggest you take home pregnancy test (they cost around $8.00 and up, depending which you will get)
Its best you try them out for the next few months, because symptoms don’t actually show for the next 3 months after you had sex (if you take the test too early, you might get a negative but it will have chance of being positive after you try to do take another preg. test, who knows?)